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She Married Her Brother, But Not On Purpose!



If you were adopted and decide to track down your birth parents, no matter how emotionally jarring it is, it can’t turn out as poorly as THIS. 39-year-old Adriana ,who lives in Brazil, was given up by her mother as a baby, and adopted. But when she tracked down her mother and talked with her, she learned that her mother had also given up a son for adoption. And his name was Leandro. And that was a big problem. Because Adriana married a guy named Leandro . . . and it’s the SAME Leandro. They’re long-lost brother and sister. Adriana and Leandro met 10 years ago, they got married seven years ago, and have a six-year-old son together. They knew they both had long-lost mothers named Maria, but it’s a common name, so they never expected it was the SAME Maria. But they say they still love each other and plan on staying together . . . even though they’re brother and sister.