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Tom Petty News


Tom Petty Performs Live at the Tweeter Center Chicago 2005


Tom Petty says that he’s particularly thrilled in the sounds he’s getting out of the Heartbreakers these days. Petty and the group have just scored their first Number One album, with the new Hypnotic Eye collection, and he spoke about the new set to NPR, explaining, “In Hypnotic Eye, one of the things that I was most pleased with, and that I really wanted to make happen, was what we didn’t play — the amount of space in the arrangements. The more air in the arrangement, the bigger the track sounds to me. We didn’t try to create walls of sound on this one; it was more like sonic textures. . . I like to create lots of different guitar sounds, and I’m fascinated with how sounds go together. When you get something that works in a particular way, it’s kind of like mixing two colors together and getting a new one.”