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Some Stuff You May Not Know…


Impress your friends by letting them in on these random facts…..
1. People who work in offices without windows sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night than people with windows.
2. Phil Mickelson’s nickname is “Lefty” . . . but he’s right-handed. The only thing he does left-handed is golf, because he’d watch his dad golf when he was little and mirror his swings.
3. There have been more than 200 academic papers published on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, which easily makes it the most studied TV show or movie. The “Alien” movies are second, with 86 papers.
4. After you play eight years in Major League Baseball, you get a gold card that gives you and a guest free admission to any MLB game for the rest of your life.
5. Maine lobster actually refers to a species of lobster called Homarus americanus . . . it doesn’t necessarily mean it comes from Maine. They can come from as far south as New Jersey.