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Jack Blades Talks New Night Ranger Single

04/13/2017 at 8:42 | Erica Banas // Staff Writer
Photo Credit: Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Night Ranger is in the midst of celebrating their 35th anniversary, and the band is as busy as ever.

In addition to their touring schedule, which will likely expand, they’re also busy promoting their new studio album Don’t Let Up that was released last month.  The album is chock-full of powerful guitars, heavy grooves and everything you know and expect from Night Ranger. 

One of the album’s standout songs is its melodic and super-catchy opening track “Somehow Someway,” which according to a recent conversation we had with Jack Blades, came together rather organically:

“After Kelly [Keagy], Brad [Gillis] and I jammed on some stuff, we thought we’d bring in Keri Kelli into the mix.  He came up to my place, and we started slamming out some ideas, and he had some music down…Instantly I just started singing, ‘She came from a southern town.  Left it all behind.  Never stopped moving on!’ And we’re all looking at each other like, ‘Well, this is cool!’  And then I just started singing the chorus, ‘Somehow, someway.’  Next thing we knew, the song was written.  Brad and Kerri went crazy on the guitars with double harmonies and everything like that.  It’s kind of in the style of what Night Ranger does.  Twin guitar solos, big choruses, twin vocals.  Kelly sings the bridge.  It was so Night Ranger that I thought, ‘We’re gonna have to put this as the first track.’ Because it’s just a pow right in the face!”


Blades isn’t kidding.  If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to “Somehow Someway” below.

Night Ranger return to the road this Saturday (April 15) with a show in Waterloo, N.Y.  For a complete list of upcoming Night Ranger gigs, head over to


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