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Allen Vick


As a 9 year old kid in August 1977 I walked into a radio station for the first time….Little did I know Elvis would die in a few days but on that hot Saturday night I was bitten by the radio bug..I have always loved radio and had always been given radios for Christmas & Birthdays but now I knew what I wanted to do in life.I opened the mic for the first time on July 30th 1983 in Farmville and now almost 30 years later I love radio as much if not more than ever.. I have met so many cool people worked with so many cool & talented people and each one of them has taught me something that I use everyday. I am one lucky dude. I have a great wife, beautiful kids & lots of great family and friends…I often joke I’ll probably keel over running a ballgame at the radio station…I have to thank you for listening to 107.9 WNCT…You are the reason we have made it for 3 years… .Also I thank Mack Jones for his friendship,guidance and the occasional free lunch. Thanks to Brad & Bruce for letting me do this(while shaking their heads and saying Vick…Vick…Vick). Thank you to my buddy John Cannon for doing a little bit of everything… John is the glue that holds this ship together… I am having as much fun as ever at 107.9 wnct and like I’ve said before…one day I’m gonna write a book and the names will not be changed to protect the innocent…….