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6 days ago

Would You Pay $100 For this????

Instead of carving a pumpkin this year, break out your wallet and pay $100 for a creepy agriculturallly engineered pumpkin that is shaped like Frankenstein. Tony Dighera is a farmer in Fillmore, California, and he figured out a way to grow pumpkins in a mold that makes them look just like Frankenstein’s monster. They’re tall, […]


1 week ago

Here a Pumpkin to Carve For Halloween! Wow!

An Indiana man is growing pumpkins that weigh hundreds of pounds in a backyard pumpkin patch. Keith Edwards of Albion began growing pumpkins as a hobby about four years ago and is now experiencing his most successful harvest yet. It’s not his first massive pumpkin, he’s produced seven pumpkins weighing a total of more than […]


2 weeks ago

Here’s A list of the Most Famous Movie Set in Every State

This is kind of cool…check it out, every state has at least one movie set in it. Some are more popular than others. “Business Insider” put together a list of what it claims is the Most Famous Movie Set in Every State. They chose the films based on a variety of criteria, including lifetime gross, […]

wayne c.

3 weeks ago

Big toothy smile in Denver bank robbery suspect mug shot..

DENVER (AP) – The mug shot of a man captured after trying to flee a bank robbery in Denver shows him flashing a broad, toothy grin.


1 month ago

The Average Mom Does 42 Jobs Everyday!

A new survey found the average mother does 42 jobs every single DAY . . . and half of them are before 9:00 A.M. Every mom’s list of daily jobs is different, but there are 10 that made pretty much every mom’s list. Check ‘em out . . . 1. Getting the kids out of […]


1 month ago

A New Royal Baby On The Way

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate are expecting their second child less than 14 months after the birth of Prince George. The couple, known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are “very pleased” and William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II is “delighted”.


1 month ago

20 Most Annoying Office Cliches!

There is a new survey out featuring  the 20 most annoying clichés people use at the office. Seven of the 20 clichés that made the cut 10 years ago are still on the list today. Here are the most annoying ones that made the list: “Win-win” . . . “value-added” . . . “leverage” . […]


2 months ago


The next time someone tells you your fanny pack is uncool, hit them up with this TRUTH TORPEDO: MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY still wears a fanny pack. Unapologetically, might we add. McConaughey proudly wore his fanny pack to the Astros / Red Sox game on Sunday, and even sang its praises when a local TV station interviewed […]

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